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What is SMS Communication?

SMS Communication is a service that sends a text messages via an analog line to employees or repair mechanics. This service has been provided by PROXIMUS under the name TAP/UCP service.

Will PROXIMUS discontinue TAP/UCP service (sending text messages via an analog line)?
Yes, PROXIMUS discontinued the TAP/UCP service and OrcaGroup has acquired this service. As of November 1th 2016 a subscription will be required to use these services. This has been officially announced by mail in July 2016

Who is SMS Communication for?

All organizations (and individuals) who use equipment connected to a fixed telephone line to send out text messages.

Who is OrcaGroup?

OrcaGroup is a company specializing in telecommunications solutions, creating several alarm applications and services since 1991. OrcaGroup has access to a sophisticated multimedia platform including SMS Communication.

I do not have subscription with PROXIMUS: Do I need a subscription to SMS Communication?

You are using SMS Communication if you receive text reminder messages and / or received alarm messages originate from 0475 16 16 21 of 0475 16 16 22 as sender. Sending alarm messages via SMS communication is not included in your provider (phone) subscription. To continue to receive messages, you will need a subscription.

How do I subscribe?

By filling in this form.

Is direct debit mandatory?

Yes. To keep costs down for this service, SMS communication has been automated as much as possible. The SMS Communication Service would be too expensive without direct debit.

If the number of texts exceed the bundle, will I still receive texts?

We keep a score on how many texts you send a month. If the number of texts exceed the bundle, we will continue to send the texts and settle these with the next invoice.

If I use multiple alarms, can I use 1 subscription or should I subscribe all my alarms separately?

Up to 10 alarms (with different CLI's) can be included in 1 subscription. If you have more, you can contact our helpdesk.

Can SMS communications be revoked or amended?

Yes, the subscription is terminable per month.

What is the delivery time?

After sending the notification, the system operational immediately.

When will I receive the first invoice?

You will receive your first invoice at the beginning of the month following the application for a suibscription.

My invoice states "additional expenditure" , but the amount of texts do not exceed the bundle.

The amount behind this rule is 0, so no further use will be charged.

The calculated monthly amount is too high / I am charged more than the monthly amount.

If you subscribed halfway through the month, the costs for the remainder of that month will be added to the cost of the new month. (Monthly fees are paid in advance).

Additional fee to receive the invoice per post mail

We charge € 5,00 euro to send the invoice per post mail. The reason is to keep our costs down to ensure the best pricing. There are no costly manual labor and delivery costs when sending the invoices per e-mail so we can give you the lowest prices and maximal reliability.

Invoicing by e-mail also fits into our efforts to minimize environmental impact. We at OrcaGroup highly value social and environmental Corporate Social Responsibility. This is why we minimize the use of environmentally unfriendly materials such as paper, ink and transportation.

What is a CLI?

CLI stands for Calling Line Identification: the number to whom the alarm dialer dials out. This number identifies the sms communication customer. It is important that you ensure that your installation (i.e. alarm signal/modem signal) sends out this CLI number in the notifications.

Could I contact OrcaGroup in case of emergency?

From 11.01.2016 you can reach us via our 24/7 emergency number.

How do I know SMS Communication works? How do I know I still get my alarm messages by texts after the change?

The easiest way to check this is to start a test alarm or inform the recipient about the test and start the alarm in a controlled manner. If you receive a text message you can assume that the coverage works.

Does SMS Communication work well with Internet calling (VoIP) or an "All in One" package?

The number of cases in which alarm equipment is not compatible with SMS Communication is very small (<0,1%).
However, we recommend you test your system. The easiest way to do this is to start a test alarm or to force an alarm. If you receive a text message it works.

I received a text message stating I don't have a subscription yet, but I already applied.

We use the number with which your installation (alarm equipment) dails out to register your subscription. If you have not given us the right number or if your system sends messages without caller ID, we cannot connect your system to the subscription. To solve this you can send an email to helpdesk@smscommunication.be stating your name, telephone number and the correct number of your installation. If your setup sends messages without Caller ID, then you should change it.


Additional fee to receive the invoice per post mail.

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The costs of the subscriptions depend on the consumption per CLI (the number from which a call originates) per month .

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All amounts exclude VAT. The subscription fees are billed monthly in advance. The used text messages outside the bundle are billed monthly.

The invoices will bes end per e-mail. There will be a € 5,00 EURO charge to receive these by post mail. Curious as to why? Click here.